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Architecture is the bones, furniture is the heart and decor is the soul of a room.

Terri Lind Davis
Interior Designer

Personal Identity


Insight of the column “Looking Around Projects” about the service of Individual Image Design.

Personal Identity


Article signed by the famous english journalist and photographer Justin Ratcliffe about Personal Identity’s services of decor and styling.

Personal Identity


Celebration, within the lifestyle Casa Italia section, of the design project of the famous ice cream Mottarello, emblem of Italianness and created by Luca Mamiani.

Personal Identity


Reportage with shots of the great Massimo Listri of the large private villa “house in the wind” in Mambrui Kenya, for which Personal Identity has developed the logo and several personalized objects.

Personal Identity


Interview with Luca Mamiani, Personal Identity’s Art Director, conducted by the publisher and editor of the famous lifestyle magazine of Palm Beach, USA.

Personal Identity


Insight about design in the main article of the economy supplement, accompanied by an interview with Luca Mamiani about the evolution of design.