Luxury is a necessity that begins where neces-sity ends.

Coco Chanel
Stylist (1883-1971)

Tableware & Porcelain

Our proposals include some of the most im-portant brands on the market,allowing us to offer the best solutions to make the table unique and suitable for every occasion.
The range of materials adequate for any envi-ronment of a private residence, yacht, or pri-vate plane. Our team of experts can advise on which materials and decorative finitures fit perfectly each project, in line with the taste and preferences of the client. We provide sev-eral decorative finishes, from bone china, translucent and resistant, to plates decorated with precious materials, to Limoges porcelain or hand-painted porcelain.
Among the main brands proposed: Hermes ta-bleware, Hermes Art de la table, Ginori 1735, Haviland, Bernardaud, Rosenthal, Meissen, JL Coquet, Raynaud, Herend, Dibbern, KPM, Wedgwood, Versace, etc.

Tableware accessories

Our selection of trays, stands, coasters, bottle holders and other accessories raises the con-cepts of elegance and functionality to perfec-tion. Suitable for both special occasions and for family breakfasts, our accessories represent the final touch that makes a table setting truly unique. Our goal is to create an harmonious and balanced mise en place, with the utmost focus to detail and with modern and sophisti-cated designs. With the right table accesso-ries, you can turn the dining room into a won-derful work of art.
Among the main brands proposed: Christofle, Ercuis, Sambonet, Alessi, Cristel, Zanetto, Stel-ton, Carl Mertens, George Jensen, Agnelli, Ruf-foni, etc.

Service accessories

Ensuring that service personnel perform their duties with ease and elegance is essential to us. Our selection of accessories helps the crew and the domestic staff in the daily manage-ment of the property and consists of a wide range of products for every fuse and need in-cluding serving trays, table serving accesso-ries, professional cookware, technical tools, etc.

Flatware and cutlery

With our exclusive selection of cutlery, you can find the perfect fit for any table service in any material possible. We offer a wide range of solutions, from solid silver cutlery to the most sought-after natural materials. We also pre-sent a unique selection of the best German and Japanese knives for any use.
Among the main brands proposed: Hermes couverts, Hermes flatware, Hermes cutlery, Christofle cutlery, Ercuis cutlery, Robbe & Berk-ing cutlery, Odiot, Schiavon, Zanetto, Sambo-net, Forge de Laguiole, Cutipol, Mepra, Beloinox, Kai, etc.

Kitchen accessories

We offer a complete range of tools for every technical necessity in the kitchen. From pre-cious copper or induction cookware to kitchen equipments, passing through Japanese forged knives and tools for any type of usage. We combine production accessories with an im-portant range of complementary products carefully selected and metuculously manufac-tured.
Among the main brands proposed: Agnelli, Ruffoni, Sambonet, Paderno, Christofle, Mesa, Ercuis, etc.

Glassware & crystal

Regardless of the occasion and the desired beverage, our selection of glassware offers the most suitable choice for every need. Water glasses, wine glasses, champagne glasses, whisky glasses or cocktail glasses: our show-room offers a variety of unique styles, from modern and elegant glassware to the most traditional hand-cut crystal. Our team of ex-perts is prepared to process and translate the client’s demands, thus ensuring the perfect match for every table setting.
Among the main brands proposed: Baccarat, Saint Louis, Venini, Carlo Moretti, Ichendorf, Moser, Artel, Cumbria Crystal, etc.


The accessories add functionality and elegance to the bar space, where you can enjoy your fa-vourite drinks alone or with guests. It is possi-ble to choose either traditional glasses with bold patterns and sophisticated details or more contemporary lines.
Within our selection you can find also more technical tools such as bottle opener, buckets and ice tongs, shaker and mixer.

Table linen

To prepare a table setting fit for any occasion we offer a linen selection suitable for both daily life and special events. The aesthetics of a table setting begins with the table linen, es-sential to show the personal taste. To create a memorable mise en place we offer a variety of items that include a wide range of styles and functions. Our luxury brands offer exclu-sively precious materials, impeccable finishes and rich embroidery.

Decorative accessories

Accessories are a fundamental and essential details. Our luxury articles and our products manufactured by the best European artisans allow you to add style and completeness to any environment, regardless of the style. Decorative accessories are essential el-ements to give completeness to the decora-tion, making it sophisticated and perfect. The materials proposed by our selection are: leather, silver, crystal, pewter, glass, copper, brass, steel and much more. Among the main brands, proposed: Linley, Pinetti, Gio Bagnara, Riviere, Christofle Arca, etc.


Lighting is a key element in any prestigious environment. Our selection of lamps enables to add precious decorative elements to the en-vironment and at the same time creates a unique atmosphere. We offer both lamps with traditional technology and rechargeable led suitable for yachts and private planes.
Among the main brands proposed: Baccarat, Saint Louis, Lalique, Barovier & Toso, Venini, Carlo Moretti, etc.

Vases and sculptures

A vase or a valuable sculpture is a statement of style and character to all intents and pur-poses.
A sculpture represents the way an individual lives, the traits of his personality, his tastes and the way he sees the surrounding world.
The exclusive pieces of our showroom are made with a wide range of different materi-als: ceramics, crystals and metals, hand-painted objects, processed and precious stones. The most classic vases with their sinu-ous shapes give a refined and delicate touch, the more coloured ones catch the eye easily while the most particular finishings allow you to get out of the box, experimenting, but al-ways with style. Among the main brands pro-posed : Baccarat, Saint Louis, Daum, Lalique, Moser, Venini, Carlo Moretti, Mario Cioni, etc.


Luxury rugs add sophisticated charm to your interiors, with their strong aesthetic impact enhancing an environment and transforming it in a place of exceptional beauty. A well-chosen rug is not only a furnishing accessory, it can become the focal point of the room, enhancing the entire decor with bold lines and attractive colours. We offer the best quality of hand-knotted and tufted decorative rugs for every environment. Moreover, each piece can be to-tally customized in size, pattern and color, fit-ting every need and necessity.

Cushions and draperies

Cushions and curtains are perhaps the most important furnishing accessory to perfect, vary or renew the aesthetics of an interior. They are an essential accessory to add colour, with particular patterns and vivid colours, or to evoke class and sophistication with a timeless look. Our range includes endless varieties of the most exclusive fabrics with multiple tex-tures, suitable for any environment and fur-nishing element.

Outdoor accessories

Even the exterior cannot give up elegance and style. A terrace, a swimming pool or the fly deck of a yacht with the right decorative ele-ments can become the perfect corner to relax and receive guests. Inserting decorative design elements such as lanterns, vases, pillows or statues improves the aesthetics and achieve a perfect harmony between exterior and interi-or.


Communicate your own monogram, the yacht or plane’s logo with great elegance through the use of superb sheets of headed paper. We study in detail complete sets for personal cor-respondence totally tailor-made including dia-ries, clipboard folders, notepads, elegant hold-ers and bespoke document boxes.
We offer also the best selection of pens and writing tools, that can also be customized.

Table games

The ability to play must never be forgot-ten. Thus, we provide a wide range of luxury games produce by the best brands and the best artisans from all over the world, from the classics to the most sought. The latter are de-signed to stand out and become decorative el-ements in all respects. Our luxury games com-bine tradition with surprising design, meticu-lous craftsmanship and fine materials. Chess, backgammon, poker or dominoes increase the level of detail of an environment while giving the sense of lightness implicit in the game.

Coffee table books

Books, due to their intrinsic ability to be an ex-cellent design element, are a unique compo-nent to enrich an environment. The Coffee ta-ble books, edited in every detail with their high-level editorial content and breathtaking photographs, are true bijoux editori-als. Apparently simple furnishing elements, in-trinsically elegant with their attractive covers and innovative graphics, provide colour and personality to the flat surfaces of an environ-ment.

Vintage trunks

Our offer includes a selection of vintage trunks and boxes, once an indispensable tool for trav-el, today a decorative element of great style and timeless elegance. These pieces become less and less common and with the course of time their beauty brings personality and style to the furniture, giving the environment a note of uniqueness, difficult to obtain with only contemporary pieces.
Among the main brands proposed: Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Goyard, etc.

Bespoke trunks

We create wonderful bespoke decorative trunks equipped for various usages, in any ma-terial and shape. From the trunk bars for liquor and wine accessories, trunk cabinets for cabins or bedrooms, sets for caviar or champagne, to small trunks for watches or security trunks for jewels.
Each trunk is entirely designed and manufac-tured according to the specific needs and style of the customer. The result is an object of great sophistication and functionality.


Personal Identity has a unique expertise on the market in the design of high quality custom made objects produced through a network of excellent artisans in Italy, selected during many years of experience and meticulous re-search.
Our work method involves the involvement of our customers throughout the entire creative process, tailored to meet unique needs. Our “tailor-made” designers work with the cus-tomer during the design process, through the four key phases: brief, design, development and delivery.
What sets us apart is our ability to face any challenge and adapt our capabilities to the most different styles. There is no predefined “look”, simply a dedicated design ethic that recognizes the importance of bespoke pieces and craftsmanship.
The design of a piece always reflects the cus-tomer’s personality, the architectural qualities of the space, the environment and the way it will be used.

Bed linen

The bedroom is an intimate and private envi-ronment: the aesthetics of the setting is es-sential to convey the feelings of comfort and relaxation. Our selection of bed linen offers the best to make the environment a perfect oasis. Our brands offer collections of fine ma-terials, sophisticated and versatile, alternating essential colours and refined patterns, envel-oping the bedroom in a luxurious and welcom-ing atmosphere.
Among the main brands proposed: Quagliotti, Frette, Claudia Barbari, Seidenweber, Missoni Home, etc.

Plaid and blankets

Plaid and blankets are exceptional items to decorate and complete an environment. Some of the finest materials such as cashmere, me-rino wool, silk and vicuña give a sense of nobil-ity, warmth and vivacity to various furniture components such as sofas, armchairs and beds. With numerous shades of colour and original textures, plaids are an excellent detail to add style to the interior, depending on per-sonal taste or latest style trends.
Among the main brands proposed: Loro Piana, Agnona, Piacenza, Masserano, Marzotto, Be-ggXCo, etc.

Bathroom accessories

Just like the other rooms, a bathroom needs different details that make it both functional and elegant. Using the most varied types of accessories and materials you can give a sense of harmony, style and increase comfort for the person. Among the products we provide laun-dry baskets with an extraordinary design, vani-ty sets and jewelry boxes and any other item that makes the bathroom a place of well-being.
Among the main brands proposed: Boffi, Cea Design, Decor Walther, Cristal et Bronze, Rivi-ere, etc.

Bath linen

We offer a wide selection of high-quality bath linen in many colours, models and siz-es. Suitable for the bathroom, for spa and sauna, for the pool area or for the superyacht’s solarium, our brands of bath linen are made by the best specialized artisans in Italy, with an unsurpassed quality level. The fabrics can be simple and delicate or add personality to the area with bright colours, sophisticated tex-tures and classy customizations.
Among the main brands proposed: Quagliotti, Frette, Claudia Barbari, Seidenweber, Missoni Home, etc.

Cosmetics and perfumers

The lines of fragrances for environments are a real must have in any project, designed to con-vey a feeling of sophistication and good taste. The diffusers and scented candles, with a simple but elegant design, fill the environ-ments with sophisticated fragrances and deli-cate notes. Our offer includes also cosmetics for the person and guest amenities for the body, from creams to soaps, created by the best international brands and refined artisans.
Among the main brands proposed: Hermes, Acqua di Parma, Diptyque, etc.

Office accessories

We have 20 years of specific experience in the setting up of executive and representative of-fices. To the present day we have completed over 100 projects of this type, providing the fi-nal touches to work environments, adding functionality, distinctiveness and elegance.
The importance of a pleasant office or an im-peccable reception area is evident now more than ever, not only for reasons related to visu-al impact, but also in terms of productivity. In addition, the aesthetic appeal of reception ar-eas or conference rooms plays a key role in terms of corporate image, helping to maxim-ise the possibility of success and to represent the business values in the best way.
We offer vases and sculptures, desk accesso-ries in refined leathers, desk mats and sta-tionery, pens, corporate gifts and much more.

Corporate gifts

We offer our exceptional expertise on high-end accessories also for what concerns special gifts or representative gifts. Personal Identity is an authorized retailer of over 150 luxury brands and works with the best artisans on the market, providing the most complete range of porcelain, glassware, tableware, leather goods, linen, contemporary art objects and any other type of high-end accessory for interior and exterior decoration, displayed in the large showroom in the headquarter in Parma, Italy.
We also possess a unique expertise on the de-sign market of bespoke objects produced through a network of excellent artisans in Ita-ly, accurately selected throughout many years of experience and meticulous research, with dozens of unique pieces made.
Among the main brands we enumerate: Her-mes Tableware, Hermes Parfums, Christofle, Lalique, Baccarat, Venini, Daum, Loro Piana, Armani Casa, Dedar, Daum, Linley, Meissen, Herend, Raynaud, Robbe & Berking, Ercuis, Haviland, Zegna, Agnona, Buccellati, Moser, Saint Louis, Pineider, Rosenthal.

Crew and staff accessories

Our selection of products for crews and staff is designed specifically for the functional needs of the staff involved in the management of private residences and superyachts, without losing elegance and style. The accessories of this kind are characterized by comfort and quality and are chosen, according to the needs, in line with the style of the interior and suita-ble for the spaces available.
We provide our customers with all possible materials needed, with the possibility to cus-tomize any detail.

Baby and kids

We have a special division dedicated to the decoration of environments for children such as playroom, nursery, bedrooms, study rooms, outdoor play houses and many more. Our showroom offers an area dedicated to the de-cor for children and allows clients a “one stop shop” experience”, i.e. having a single refer-ence for the supplies of accessories and fur-nishing complements.
We offer a wide selection of children’s specific porcelain services, children’s cutlery, cashmere plaid and blankets or other noble fibres, sil-verware, leather and wood toys, pads with dedicated fabrics, bed linen and towels. Per-sonal Identity also possesses a unique exper-tise on the design market of bespoke objects produced through a network of excellent arti-sans in Italy, accurately selected throughout many years of experience and meticulous re-search, with several dozen unique pieces made.